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    Fill command no longer works, has turned into Grow

    jt8348 Level 1

      I've been scouring sites for a solution and have not found one as of yet. My Edit/Fill command (shift + F5) has suddenly turned into Grow. I've seen other people with this problem and the only solution I have seen up to now is to use (shift + delete) instead. That to me isn't a solution, it completely disrupts my workflow to try using a new key command that should be something else. I've also read about people deleting preferences, restarting, etc, and I've tried all of those things. I did have some issues with my Function keys because of something I had clicked in my finder preferences but I fixed that issue, and it seems that only Photoshop has lingering problems. And of course, my PSD keyboard shortcuts all look fine, nothing has changed there so something is overriding the keyboard shortcuts. Could it be something in my Photoshop preferences that I'm overlooking?

      Any help that anyone has would be greatly appreciated.