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    Outlines in master pages

    Mr_Cummin Level 1

      Hello everybody, I have found a problem with the ouline function in the indesign server scripting.

      I don't know if this is the correct section or I must use "Indesign scripting"


      Well, I am going to try to explain my problem:


      I have a script to do (between others) the ouline of all the document. My problem appear when I want to do the outline of some content placed and linked in the master.

      For example, the page number is usually place in the master page and is a link added with a "special character".

      The problem is that althought the outline is correctly made, the content of the box is wrong. It is not the page number, but the character 'A' which appears when the special character is added.


      It seems that the problem is that when the system try to do the outline the content of the link is lost.

      One solution would be to take to the front end the box, i.e. quit that box to the master page, but I don't know how can I do that from the script.


      I hope that everything is well explained and someone could help me.