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    FrameMaker Footnotes appearing on wrong page


      I am composing a book and I am having trouble with footnotes using Frame Maker 8.


      Two footnotes on the same page, a left page, are particularly long. The first one appears on the next right page about three inches up. The footnote two footnotes later is also long, but not so long that it will not fit on that right page. However, the program is automatically moving that footnote to the next left page. This is problematic, because we want the reader to be able to read the footnote without having to flip back and forth. It gets particularly bad after that, so that footnotes in that area are appearing two or three pages after the page containing the footnote indicator.


      I tried searching help for information, but I haven't been able to figure out how to fix it. Is there a way to correct this?


      Better yet, is there a way to structure the Master Pages or Styles in a way so that the footnote text will appear either on the same page (on a right page) or on the same or next page (for a left page)?