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    opening projects issue

    plunderclat Level 1

      The two projects that ive spent over 2 hours working on refuse to open. I get the message "This is not a valid photoshop touch project" yet all of it has been done in PS touch. Apart from the fact that I truly hope some major updates are released fast, I also hope someone might know how I can rescue my projects. It won't even let me import them to any other medium.


      Thanks in advance, for any feeback and thanks adobe, for staying in touch with us.

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          plunderclat Level 1

          Using samsung galaxy note 2 btw with latest revision of jellybean 4.1.2.

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            Ignacio Barrientos Adobe Employee



            Unfortunately this means that your file has been corrupted somehow. The corruption can result in loss of layers some times.

            Did this file origin from a iOS device? Are you using the Creative Cloud in your normal work?


            For the some trivial cases of corruption you can use PS CS6 with the Creative Cloud plugin that allows you to import psdx files.

            See: http://forums.adobe.com/message/3991430


            If you do not have PS CS5 or 6 with the plugin or it doesn't help and you still know that the size of the file isn't 0 (no data),

            then lease contact me privately and I'll give it a try.


            What you can do to avoid this issue if it keeps on occurring:

            avoid switching application while saving, as well as avoiding having a device with less than 100 Mb free space (what can be hard if your iPhone has downloaded an iOS upgrade which hasn't been installed yet).




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              plunderclat Level 1

              Hello ignacio.


              Thankyou for your speedy response. I do not have CS5 or 6 or the plugin. I am very mindful of quitting while saving and I'm aware of issues that can occur if someone were not mindful of this. it was done  completely on the samsung galaxy note 2. I have 4.7GB of free space. On my photoshop projects page, it actually displays a clear image of the project, yet I can't open and work on it. I do own photoshop whiteroom 4 however but I'm assuming I couldn't do much with that?


              There are no obvious reasons I can think of, that would point toward why this is happening but I will persevere because I'm a huge fan, although I feel some updates will not come soon enough


              One other thing is that the app slows to a stop sometimes when making making alterations to an image, while an item is highlight with a tool such as lasso. The spen pointer just whizzes around on the screen for a while of its own accord, and while this happens i cant do a thing. (Sorry for going off topic)


              Thanks again for your super speedy response. I am most grateful.

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                Ignacio Barrientos Adobe Employee

                I wouln't calling it going off topic. Any info might be helpful to understand what's happening.

                Did this happen to files that you worked on today or are they "old" files that you haven't used for a while?


                If your device is not rooted the easiest way might be to send it to the Creative Cloud (since the 2 GB storage is for free).

                And then get it from the web interface.




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                  plunderclat Level 1

                  Well, that additional issue I mentioned seems to be a ram issue to be honest, although I have around 1.2Gb to spare. All projects are done completely on ps touch, on this device using images imported from my gallery that I have taken on this device's built-in camera. None of them are a continuation of projects that have imported from elsewhere. The cloud suggestion is a ray of hope for me, although I have doubts because PS touch won't even let me export the image back to my gallery, and when I try it continually looks like it is in the progress of doing so, yet nothing ever materialises from that action. I don't post much to social networking sites but I tried it, just to see if I could release the image that way, but it won't work.


                  I understand the complexity of the situation however,  as it can't be very straight forward to get things just right on so many different devices, so I appreciate that. I always like to make a point of mentioning that some of the programs facilities are working great, and I think a hell-of-alot of being able to use it on my device

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                    Ignacio Barrientos Adobe Employee

                    Once you so have a psdx in the cloud you can Open it in ps Touch with the New from Creative Cloud. You don't need to have the autiomatic sync enabled for this.




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                      plunderclat Level 1

                      Hi. A rather peculiar thing just happened. I was looking into how to sign up to the creative cloud for the free 2gb but got side tracked by something before I even had a chance to sign up to anything, and while I was bathing my son, I got two emails with one welcoming me to the creative cloud, and one asking for email verification. Thats spooking me out!! Haha. Anyway, I verified and went to sign in through ps touch, and I thought... "I never set this up, so essentially I don't have a password" and thats true enough, as when I try to sign in, I get told that either of them didn't match but I'm 100% certain my username is correct because I've confirmed it through creative cloud


                      Thanks, michael.