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    Help Getting Started


      I am just getting started with Robohelp and am having many problems navigating and modifying my project

      I very easily was able to import a .HLP file, set up a TOC, and generate a Multiscreen layout with default settings

      Now I am attempting to edit this

      I want to do things like:

      • Change colors, fonts, and layouts and make other CSS changes.  there seems to be a different CSS for each layout instead of being one centralized CSS like I have seen in tutorials
      • Index all documents
      • Build a glossary
      • Apply skins
      • Change default layout( I set this but now can not find how to get back to it so I can change it)


      Documentation I am finding does not seem consistent with my setup

      Can someone point me towards a tutorial where I can get a good overview of how the system works

      Feel free to answer the above questins but I am going to have many more so direction on good documentation would be helpful