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    I can't uninstall ColdFusion 10


      I have been trying to uninstall ColdFusion 10 from my Windows 2008 R2 server. I uninstalled all the ColdFusion 10 services except for "Adobe ColdFusion 10 .NET Integration Services" successfully. Everytime I click "Uninstall/Change" button to uninstall this program something flashes on the screen very quickly then back to the Programs and Features page with no changes. I click Refresh and the service is still appearing. The ColdFusion 10 Folder is still in its location as well. When I attempt to delete the ColdFusion 10 folder I receive a "Folder Access Denied" error. The error indicates I require permission from Administrators to make changes to this folder. Well, I'm logged in as the Administrator so I have full permission and I still receive this error.


      I really need to get this uninstalled so I can re-install ColdFusion 10 on my server as this server will be installed on our network as our new web server soon. Please provide me with some other avenues to uninstall my current installation of ColdFusion 10.


      Thank you,