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    What is the difference between Fireworks and Dreamweaver?


      I am new to web design and am creating a page for a class. I downloaded the trial of both Dreamweaver and Fireworks but am unsure about how these two work together? I know enough about DW to make a website, but am certainly interested in making things look and appear better. What do you use these programs for and how do they work together?

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          johngordon12 Level 1

          Basically Dreamweaver is used to create the actual web pages, so the HTML, CSS etc.


          And in layman's terms Fireworks is a slimmed down equivalent of Photoshop which is geared less towards photography, and geared more towards web design eg doing mockups and wireframes of web pages. (It was originally made by Macromedia before Adobe bought them out, which is the main reason for the overlap in functionality.)


          So it has features like the ability to create multiple pages in a file, which I don't think you can do in Photoshop or Illustrator. I think you can do things like create graphics with a gradient, and it will export out the CSS for you, that you can then use in Dreamweaver.


          I use Fireworks, but never really used it for creating mock layouts, but have always found it more approachable than Photoshop and Illustrator do design and create basic things like buttons for navigation bars, and resizing and exporting photos and graphics for websites.


          I'm probably missing lots of tricks, so will be interested to read any other replies going into more detail about what Fireowrks can do.