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    Need help with color and effects for text on path



      I am working on an project in InDesign and have added text to the path of a circle (see image - Save The Date is the text along the path). I am having two issues:


      1) I used the eyedropper tool to pick up the orange from the flowers and applied it to the text (Save the Date). When I apply the color, it is vivid but then immediately dulls. This happens no matter what color I apply. It starts bright and then dulls. I cannot figure out what setting I have applied that makes this happen.


      2) I have applied a Drop Shadow to the object (the circle), but do not want it applied to the Save The Date text. However, it seems the two are linked. How can I unlink them and apply separate effects?


      If anyone can assist with these two issues, I would greatly appreciate it! I have searched in the forums but cannot find these specific answers.

      Indesign help.png