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    Authoring Options in R7

      I'm performing an evaluation of R7 & was curious if the following features are available:

      1) Continued Sequencing
      2) Reverse List Handling
      3) Self-healing Links
      4) Can a single topic be generated output to ASPX format?

      Thanks in advance.
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi RollBarBound and welcome to the RH community. If I knew what you meant by half of this list I could help further . The only one I can comment on is "self-healing links". By this I assume if a link is broken, can RH automatically fix it. The answer is "no". You will have to point RH towards the location of the link in question. It does display broken links in a view that is incredibly useful and you can also report on them. I'm not aware of any HAT that will do what you require.
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            RollBarBound Level 1
            Hi Colum - thanks for the welcome & my apologies for not providing further explanation. I'm relatively new to the Authoring world so I'm constantly finding just how ignorant I was a couple of days ago...

            You are correct in what I meant by self-healing links. And I think the graphical view provided by RH is great for identification of broken links. I am just finishing up an evaluation of RH7, Flare and Doc-to-Help. I attended a Web demo for Flare and, if I understood correctly what was demonstrated, it is able to perform this. It appeared that if I was to delete a topic, Flare has the intelligence to remove links to the deleted topic where it was referenced in the remaining topics.

            Continued Sequencing and Reverse List Handling are minor requirements now, but I do have some further explanation as to why we need to generate ASPX files (from my developer - my original question was incorrect):

            "The explanation is somewhat complicated, and has to do with how DotNet and IIS secure web files.
            Our product is actually 4 applications rolled into 1 big application. We need to allow or deny access to the 4 help sub-systems, depending on user access rights. A DotNet web application has a way to do this using web.config settings, but this only works for .aspx files, not .htm files. At least, this is my understanding."

            So I essentially have 4 separate Help systems and need to define access to each depending upon customer roles. We are currently using ReWorx to convert the Word documents to HTML, but it doesn't sound like it is specific to this, it is the way DotNet & IIS secure Web files. I'd appreciate any comments on how RH is able to accomplish this. It may be built into the tool & I am just not aware of it.