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    Flex SDK with createRectangleTexture() ?


      Sorry if this is entirely the wrong forum for this question, but I'm stumped...


      I see there's a Context3D function called createRectangleTexture(), which I'd like to try using. I'm creating a Flash app using AS3 and C++, via FlasCC. Currently am using the Flex 4.6 SDK; alas, this does not seem to include a sufficiently recent version of Context3D, and so of course compilation fails when I try to use this function. The documentation suggests this is in AIR 3.6; however, the docs for Flex tell me to not overlay a newer version of AIR onto the Flex SDK (and at this point, I cannot even tell if AIR 3.6 actually provides createRectangleTexture()).


      Any help/pointers/suggestions in regard to this issue would be greatly appreciated.