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    Playback issues?

    Robert Machado

      I've prepared a video to help demonstrate my problem, any assistance would be appreciated.

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          TL2121 Level 1



          Just checked out the youtube video--eek  that looks really bad--my only thought (and I don't have a mac) would be to remember to update your display driver--what video card do you have on the mac??--(update your operating system first with whatever mac updates available) I've had some funky things happen when the video card was out of date on my windows machine when I first started out. Maybe you can try and disable the mercury playback option?? (project-->project settings-->general---->video rendering and playback) Please let us know if you figure it out or if any of this helps


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            Robert Machado Level 1

            Thank you for your input. I have not experienced any issues in the past few days. It seems as if this issue occurs spontaneously. The next time I experience issues, I'll refer back to this and give any feedback. Thanks again!