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    Multimedia missing from ePub


      I'm repurposing an INDD source to develop my first epub, and I'm running into a problem that is keeping me from making much progress.


      I'd actually approached the layout with this effort in mind, threading the text throughout while anchoring other elements, and that all looks good so far. But one of the additions we hoped to make was to add video clips.


      I excerpted a single page as a sample to see how all this was working, identify styles that wanted updating, etc. I also took the opportunity to replace a photo with one of these clips while anchoring it to an appropriate place in the thread.


      Upon exporting to epub, however, while the other photos appear, the clip doesn't show up. Upon opening the epug in Sigil, it turns out that the movie IS exporting—landing in a "Misc" folder; it's just that any reference to it is being dropped in the XHTML. Validation through Sigil prompts this warning:


      This resource is present in the OPF <manifest>, but it's not reachable (it's unused).


      I cannot find anywhere to adjust settings specific to multimedia inclusion, nor am I doing any hand-coding that would generate, say, a misspelling or mistaken reference.


      For the record, I'm running ID7.5.3 on Mac OS 10.6.8—and Sigil 0.5.3 as a result. Is this part of the equation? If so, I have even more cause for delight at the new rMBP heading my way...



      Kyle Copas