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    Quality of NEF conversion/demosaicization in Camera Raw

    Hayao Miyazaki

      Hi Everyone,

      Please, I have a question for you experts about image  quality of Nikon D7100's NEF files opened in Camera Raw.

      I have examined a D7100 NEF file, loaded in Camera Raw 7.4, and if magnified at higer zoom it is possible to see maybe some troubles in demosaicing.

      You can clearly see that the inclined lines are demosaicized in  blocks of 2x2 pixels. This is true regardless of the sharpness settings.

      When you open this file in Nikon CaptureNX2 the problem is not present.

      Please, see images linked above


      Setting sharpness to 0%


      Adding more sharpness:



      The file is downloaded from site DPReview, is a test shoot for a camera comparative.
      I have noticed the same thing, more or less, opening other NEF files (from Nikon D7000, D5200, D3200 except D800).

      With this issue, it seems is not taken advantage of the resolving  power of the lens or the sensor resolution.


      I would like to ask if this is really a problem or if there is some setting/configuration to manage it.

      Thank you very much and sorry for the bad English writing.