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    Problems moving My Documents to different location

    John Ratard Level 1

      I am using a SSD for my system drive with P Pro CS5 in Windows 7.  Because of the limited space and cost of SSD compared to mechanical drives, it appeared it was a good idea to relocate My Documents to a different location.  Unfortunately, I have found that this can create several problems as follows:


      • Unless the Move for a system file relocation is correctly made , recovery can be risky.
      • The relocation results in a pointer in Libraries to My documents in the new location, but under C:User\'account name' the My Documents folder no longer exists.
      • When using Premier Pro, default project files appear to be normally directed to specific locations.  In a different drive than the system drive, the system defaults do not appear to apply.  If there are several users, the relocated My Documents file needs to be placed in a separate account name folder for each account in the new location.   This adds to greater complexity and can be confusing for editing with P Pro.


      As a result, I am considering that I should leave system files where they are and limit their size.  Is there a workable way to relocate system files using P Pro?

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          Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

          Why are you relocating My Documents folder at all? Why don't just create e.g. DOCUMENTS folder in non-system drive and include it in the Documents Library for every user?

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            SFL46 Level 3

            I found this out the hardway, but with the inability for my created workspaces to be saved.  As it turned out, Premiere apparently puts the preference files where it thinks MY DOCUMENTS was pointing to.  If you re-direct MY DOCUMENTS to another drive (e.g., a NAS, as I did), Premiere still writes to to /users/documents.....  When I reversed the re-direction the problem went away.  As Fuzzy does, I created a "MYDOCS" folder on the NAS, and then mapped that location on each desktop as a network folder so that it shows up in the windows explorer tree.

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              John Ratard Level 1

              Thank you for confirming my suspicion that leaving system files alone is the way forward.  I tried a multi-disc configuration for video editing recommended by a forum member.  Luckily, I experimented on a new computer with the user account.  It was easy to restore.  The lesson learned was not to interfere with system folders that are used by serious applications that point to system files.  A separate documents folder not related to the system is the solution. 


              My new computer is a 6-core that was custom built for dedicated video editing.  Large volumes of document files will not be needed.