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    Issue when Drag&Drop file from local to adobe drive DAM folder through Finder/Explorer

    skay Level 1

      Hi there,


      In our customer adobe drive connector, when we are trying to drag a file that already exists in DAM from local drive to mapped adobe drive DAM folder, the outcome is different between windows explorer and Mac finder, on Windows, first the dialog asking if you want to replace the file would showup, if choosed yes, the file in the drive folder would be replaced, and it has option of "checkin" or "cancel checkout", which means the file has been checked out with been replaced with a newer version. So it is working as expected. On Mac,

      first we got prompt of asking if want to replace the file, if choosed yes, there is error message: the operation cannot complete (Error code -36). it says the file is in use. And there is no difference with whether the file is checked out or not. We are able to perform drag&drop from local to adobe drive folder through adobe bridge on both Windows and Mac with no problem.


      Is this an issue with Adobe drive handling files with file system in Mac?