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    Help with adjusting a script to remember last used folder

    myDavey Level 1


      I have a script made for InDesign called "MultiPageImporter2.5"

      It enables importing a full PDF file into InDesign.


      My problem with it is,

      that everytime I run it, it doesnt remember the folder I used last.

      I.e., If I was in folder1>Folder2>Folder3,

      it will constantly open up to folder1, and not to folder3 which was the last chosen file was found.


      I am familiar with scripting, so I would like to try to change this,

      However, I opened the script and I couldnt find any place for such a setting.

      The script runs the opendialog() function, which automaticall opens to that directory.


      Does anyone know what can be done for this?