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    Timeline Bigger Than Assets Comprising It

    koberulz24 Level 1

      I've got a 7.9GB already-transcoded video file, and a 297.8MB already-transcoded audio file, both set to 'Don't Transcode' in Encore.


      Despite this, Encore reports the 'Encoded Size' for the timeline containing those two assets as 9.093GB, conjuring a GB from thin air and rendering my project unburnable.


      I've had this problem before, but it stopped happening. It's happened on both of the projects I've tried to create this morning. I have no idea what's causing it, or what made it stop.


      There are three other timelines, all of which appear to be doing the same thing, though to smaller degree since they're relatively tiny:

      72.39MB (2.8 audio 64.1 video)

      14.51MB (609KB audio 12.8MB video)

      20.2MB (829KB audio 17.8MB video)


      What on earth is going on?

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          Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I am trying to get a few minutes to look at the numbers I am seeing on this.

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            koberulz24 Level 1

            It was pointed out elsewhere that I'd encoded it too big anyway, and dragging the two files into ImgBurn confirmed that even the main video and audio on their own were too big for a disc, suddenly coming out at 8.2GB. I still had the bitrate calculator open, and saw that I'd accidentally selected DVD-10 instead of DVD-9.


            So I re-encoded with the correct bitrate, and ended up with a 7.1GB video file, and an 8.27 GB timeline. So the timeline is still a gig bigger than the assets are. Although it does fit on a disc.


            It's not measuring the assets by whatever method makes a DVD 7.96GB and the timelines by whatever method makes it 8.5GB, is it?