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    As I add more text, I need my slices to stretch (or repeat) to smoothly keep the page together.

    aaymond Level 1

      I have an image that was created in photoshop, and then it was imported and sliced in fireworks.

      The design is simple--there is a header, a left side, a right side, and a footer. These are all labeled as foreground images.

      There is white space in the middle as an HTML slice. Here I am going to add text for a newsletter.


      What I need is for the left and right side images/slices to repeat themselves as I add more text.

      Currently, when I add a lot of text, the left and right slices separate completely, leaving white space between them and the header and the footer.


      Do I need to utilize the background image style or scrolling features? If so, how do I do this correctly?