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    Do I use a number list or another method?


      Hello, I am very new to Indesign. I am working on a book project that is basically a two column layout. Every paragraph in the columns has a number prefixing it. To better understand what I mean, every paragraph is a verse and is numbered the same way the Bible has verses numbered in chapters.




      1. Some sort of text would go here

      and the words should also be

      indented away from the number

      and not flow beneath like you

      you see here.


      2. Then there would be more verses

      that would appear in the same

      manner all the way to the bottom

      of the column.


      So I have watched many videos and still cannot figure out what is the best method for this type of layout. Do I simply use a numbered list or is there a better way? I appreciate any advice.


      Thank you,