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    External SWF reading problem

      I got some problems regarding loading SWF files externally, I can explain more via my PDF file located at http://www.sendspace.com/file/2mh2oc .

      Whenever my main menu file, is loading another SWF file (Exp : Arts page), the hotspots in the main menu are still functioning rather than turned off. It's a simple script that I use, after clicking the link, I order it to go back to the main menu gotoAndStop(3), the first 2 frames are preloaders. Frame 3 are the hotspots and actions while the rest of the frames are animations, if I don't apply that gotoAndStop(3) action, the problem looks like it's solved, but unfortunately, if I exit my Arts page, the main menu file is already gone. The main menu is in a blank frame, that's why it looks like gone, that's the problem.

      According to the PDF file, I was using simple scripts. I wonder if anyone know how to use If & Else, I'm not good at those. And I wonder if that helps to solve the problem, because I'm trying to achieve to do something like this.


      My website is based on that website, where main menu at Frame 3, while the rest of the frames are animations. It loads the SWFs externally, if I'm correct and hides the main menu completely, most of all, the hotspots in the main menu are gone, when I exit the arts page, the main menu comes back. Please help, thank you.

      PS : This one is for my Web Design project in my college, please help to solve it as quickly as possible. ;) Thank you.