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    How do I create an interactive pdf form my clients can actually use?


      In the new CS6 Indesign (which is very easy to use to make forms) I've gone through all the steps to make a beautiful form whose buttons, text fields, and hyperlinks all work (great!) but now I've stumbled across one VITAL problem: the submit form button does not work!


      I’ve set it up as I’ve seen it done on videos, as a “submit form” type, with the address “mailto: emailaddress.”


      Once I exported the file to a pdf interactive form, my "Print form" button works well, and I though I'd fixed the problem when I downloaded adobe reader to read my form, however, no matter what type of computer I use with it, when I hit the "submit form" button, a message saying something to the effect of “you must open in your browser” pops up.


      When dragged the pdf document into my browser like the message suggested, not only did the “submit form” button still not work, but now I cannot interact with any of the buttons or fields!


      My goal here is simple: make an interactive form my clients can access online (whether as a downloadable pdf or directly on my website) that they can fill out and submit to us directly to our email.  As many of our clients are older, I’d like to make it as easy as possible for them to use our system, and be able to just hit the “submit form” button instead of having to go through the trouble of attaching the finished pdf they filled out to an email and submitting to us.


      All the videos I’ve come across so far talk about how to MAKE these forms, but not how to set them up to be used realistically for a business.  Any help I can have would be appreciated, I don’t mind so much how this gets done, as long as it is easy for my clients to access the form and fill it out easily and quickly. 


      Thank you in advance,



      Swentowsky Photography