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    Where is my order?


      I ordered Photoshop Elements for delivery in New Zealand and got a confirmation saying it would be delivered at the latest 28 April.

      It still isnt here, my downloaded version has run out and wont work and now I cant access my photos.

      I cant contact anyone and all I have is the advice that my order has been shipped.

      Am frustrated and angry.

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          Tonypolg Level 1

          Fantastic, not!

          Adobe forgot to put an address on the parcel!

          Then when Fedex returned it to them, they put the wrong address on it!

          It gets to New Zealand eventually and finally Fedex send it to their Tauranga agent.

          We 'should' get it Monday.


          First off, what lousy service from Adobe.

          No email to say our shipment is delayed, even though we paid for 'Priority' service.

          No way one can reach an Adobe employee and talk.

          The, so called 'chat' had me in a queue for so long I had dinner then gave up waiting.


          Last time I ever deal with Adobe!

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            swharton07 Level 2

            In the States we are able to convert our trial version to a permanent version by paying online and getting a serial number when we pay. Is that option not available in NZ? Also, don'tyou have big bix stores that sell the product so you don't need to buy from Adobe? Next time, if none of the others are available does Amazon work in NZ?

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              Tonypolg Level 1

              No, everywhere I tried didnt have Elements 11 here without buying Premier version.

              When we put our address as New Zealand it said it was going to the New Zealand Store.


              The when I went to pay for it I noticed I was paying in Australian dollars.

              Thinking I had done something wrong I tried again but it always defaulted to the Australian site.

              I then tried to call Adobe. You every tried that?

              They dont believe in people as in human beings.

              I tried their online chatting. Got tried of waiting when I saw I was just stuck at number 4 in the queue.

              In then end, I paid in AU$, waited a week and then tried tracking it.

              Turns out the super efficient Australians didnt even put an address on it.

              Must have had NZ though because it ended up in NZ.

              Next time will go for a free editing programme off the web.

              From my research there seem to be quite a few really good ones recomended on the forums.

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                ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                It seems like downloading and buying a serial number online, perhaps in AU$, was still an option.  I rarely have to wait more than a minute or two for the online chat but it may depend on the time of day/night wherever the chat responders are.