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    Find/Change GREP - FindChangeByList - help!




      Can anyone help with my GREP problem? I have a long unformatted list of products, I need a couple of GREP find and change queries to help format the list. The formatting will be based on paragraph styles for product header, description and product code. I have GREP working correctly to find the product code lines and apply the 'product code' paragraph style, but I'm struggling to target the product header line. The product header is on the next line after the product code, or it could be found on the line above the product description. I need GREP to find the product header to apply the product header paragraph style. I'm looking at using FindChangeByList; so far I have the folowing:


      grep{findWhat:"(Product Code|Product code)$"}{appliedParagraphStyle:"Product Code-green"}


      The above line finds all the Product Codes and applies the paragraph style. It works perfectly well from Indesigns Find/Change panel and FindChangeByList.


      But the next bit doesn't work:


      grep{findWhat:"^(?<=\\r)", appliedParagraphStyle:"Product Code-green"}{changeTo:"", appliedParagraphStyle:"Product Header-green"}


      I've tried to target the 'Start of a paragraph (^)' (this will be the product header) that has - 'Paragraph Break (\r)' with the 'Product Code-green' applied (this is the product code), in front of it. - (Am I right in thinking that in the FindChangeByList script I need 2 slashed on \\r - I have tried with 1 and 2 - no joy.)


      If I do this in Indesigns Find/Change panel it does kind of work. If I click find, it will find the correct point, and click change, it will apply the correct style to the product header - BUT if I click CHANGE ALL - it doesn't work. It reports '0' instances found, yet if i click Find again it will find the next instance. So it's kind of working on an individual click and find basis, but not on global change all - STRANGE? And it doesn't work at all when run from FindChangeByList.


      Anybody got any thoughts on why this is happening? or a better piece of GREP to try? Would really like it to be running from FindChangeByList. Hope the above makes sense.