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    Width tool not working


      the width tool does not seem to work at all on anything,

      we had the same problem at work, so I decided to try and finish a project off a work and just assumed the computer there was buggy,

      I just get a the arrow and ahttp://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQApqQpzJFLqtTQ_jj7p99_paRTxhUjtWtJuSsPc_y8RtwiINoU

      I've googled it and only one other person seemed to have the same problem, and corrected it by changing the stroke to the inside (which I tried on a seperate shape and it did not work, I am trying to change the width of a stroked path)

      I have tried to expand it.

      All and any help will be greatly appreciated , all the other tools work fine. I am using CS6