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    ALL Triggers ignored in EA


      Whenever I create a simple trigger, it simply doesn't work.I have done the animated stars tutorial on Lynda about 4 times over now. I follow the tutorial to a T, initally, everything works fine. I even saved a copy in a seperate folder and called it "Stars_Animations_Working", I reopen it later, preview in browser, and suddenly it just stops working. Any action I seem to put into edge animate is almost always ignored, it's a mystery how it seems to play the animated stars tutorial file fine the first few times I preview it in the browser.


      I try creating symbols with "mouseover" or "click" actions, IGNORED.

      I try looping an animation I did with "sym.play", IGNORED.

      I try stopping my entire stage from animating, that's right, IGNORED.


      There are no errors at the bottom of the screen or when I save the file. I am previewing my project in Chrome.


      This is extremely frustrating and I cannot make any more progress on my assignment until I figure this out. If anyone has ANY idea what the hell is wrong then I am open to try it. Thanks guys.