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    My edited video/audio is blank!


      I've recorded the audio and video from my computer (a video game) as one file, and I had the file in Premiere Elements 9, I edited it up and it was all ready to be rendered, when I moved the source file to a new folder. Remembering that moving files will prevent PE from working, I immediately moved the file back to where it was originally, but going back to my work, the video and audio are both blank! It doesn't even have the "media unavailable" thing, it's just blackness on the preview screen and silence! Both the video and audio look like they're still there in the timeline, all edited like they're supposed to be, but the preview screen is just black and no sound plays. I made sure everything was back to where it was to begin with, and I even got the file into PE again with the "Get Media" option, but it keeps giving me the wrong file!  I clicked on both the file I want, and the wrong one it keeps giving me, and they both give me the wrong one. I opened the correct file OUTSIDE of PE, and it works fine! It's the right one and everything. I also tried going back to the auto-save files, but they were all way back before I did much editing. I also tried closing the program and opening again. I really don't want to take several hours to edit it again! Is there some way of getting them back?


      I've been working with his program and with these files for months and I've never had this problem before.   I hate so much losing all my hard work.