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    Importing images from memory card.


      When I import images from my memory card, the images in preview are colored but when rendered in LR4, they are automatically converted to black and white. I made sure that in the import panel that 'Import During Import'> Develop Settings> None.  My images show up in LR4 colored for an instance then convert to black and white.  This is the first time I have encountered this problem. Am I missing something.  I've checked my camera settings with nothing that I believe is the problem. I've been successful in using the other presets under 'Apply during Import' > Develop Settings, but using 'None' doesn't prevent the images from being converted to black and white in LR4. the same is true for importing to Bridge in PS-CS6. I get the same results of all the images being converted to black and white.  Any ideas.....

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          Bryan Conner Level 1

          Are you sure that all of your settings in the develop module are set appropriately?  What happens if you press shift and click reset (Adobe) in the Develop Module?  If this returns the image to color, then you probably have inadvertently changed your default settings to create black and white images.

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            naturesbestside Level 1

            The images do return to color with your instruction. But, when I attempt at importing again, the same thing happens.

            Where do I change the default settings back to giving me a color image on all imports.

            Thanx for your advice, thus far.....

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              Bryan Conner Level 1

              To reset your develop settings back to the default settings, in Lightroom go to edit>preferences (Lightroom>preferences on Mac) then click on "reset all develop settings".  This should restore the default settings that Lightroom had when you installed it origianally. 


              If you would like to set your own preferred settings to be applied on import (extra contrast, sharpening etc), set all of your settings the way you wish them to be applied to your images upon import. In the develop module, hold alt down (option on Mac) and the "reset" button changes to "set default".  If you click "set default", the settings that you have currently selected will now become your new defaults. 



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                naturesbestside Level 1

                Thanx for the response..... 

                On my Mac - Lightroom > Preferences. I did this but there are 5 tabs, each having multiple items requiring a 'check the box' but none apply to your statement,

                "reset all develop settings". Maybe I'm missing it.

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                  Bryan Conner Level 1

                  Sorry, it is under the presets tab.


                  Here is another way:  While in the develop module, hold down the option key on your mac and the "reset" button should turn into "Reset Default".  Click "Reset Default" and you will be taken to a dialogue box that gives you the following choices:




                  The Update to Current Settings choice will make every setting that is current your default.  So, I recommend choosing "Restore Adobe default Settings" first just to make sure that you are starting fresh.  Then, you can make any changes you wish to any of the settings in the develop panel, then choose "update to current settings". 

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                    naturesbestside Level 1


                    Thanx so very much for guiding me through this process.

                    Everything is back to 'normal' and I have a better understanding of some of the nuances of LR4.

                    Jim Alsop

                    This is my website....  I'd be honored if you just took a look!


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                      Bryan Conner Level 1

                      Glad to be able to help.  Have you clicked on on "Help" in either Lightroom or Photoshop?  There are lots of free video tutorials, as well as text tutorials that will provide you with a lot of learning.  You have some wonderful images of Colorado on your website.  I spent two weeks in Keystone back in 1990 and fell in love with Colorado.  I would like to make a trip back to Southern Colorado.