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    How do I handle Style Groups in InDesign Scripting?




      I am relatively new to InDesign scripting.


      I'm trying to map Paragraph Styles to CSS, and it seemed to be working fine, till I came across Style Groups -

      Styles belonging to a group are identified as - Root Style Group name : Child style group name : ...... : Style name

      Because of this paragraph style  <Style name> was not mapping to the TOC style <Root Style Group name : Child style group name : ...... : Style name> and my TOC styles were not correctly mapping.


      I wrote a fix for this in my app, by fetching parent groups and appending to a string - which i check in the TOC style entries.


      Before calling this a FIX, I need to confirm if there are any more hierarchies/represnetations that could be used to represent a Paragraph Style as a TOC style? I don't want to see that a week later I discover something like <Style : Nested paragraph style> as a TOC style and then I'd have to fix my fix!