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    How to filter 2D array in Flex and perform computation based on Filtering

    Rohini_1327 Community Member

      I have an array as follows:

      Asia     India   Calcutta 100 200 
      Asia     India   Chennai  200 400
      Asia     India   Mumbai   100 300
      Asia     PAK     XXXXXX   100 300
      Asia     PAK     SSSSSS   200 100
      Americas Canada  Ottawa   200 200
      Americas Canada  Toronto  120 200
      Americas Mexico  Sonoro   110 500

      I need to filter the above dataset also calculating the sum of each region by the use of a specific filter such as a region name is given.(eg. Asia)

      Output for filter Asia must give me :

      India   400 900 
      300 400

      How is this possible in Flex array 2D.