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    Issues with Refine Edge adjustments

    PyxelMixer Level 1

      Using CS5, WIN, 64bit, bamboo tablet.

      I'm working on hair & after making a selection, I open the refine edge tool & selected brush to tweak the selection. However when I attempt to paint in an area or paint out an area my selection disappears right after I make it. I am including 2 photos in an attempt to demonstrate what's going on.  The 1st screen shot may not show it but the settings in place are listed below. The 2nd image shows an area that was selected for additional refinment.  What cannot be shown is what took place after the selection was made but, he selection disappears! the 3rd image shows the results.  clearly I am NOT doing something right, any advise/recommendations?


      VIEW MODE - overlay

      EDGE DETECTION - none (no smart radius)

      ADJUST EDGE - setting vary

      OUT PUT - none selected