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    Define an output folder at the beginning of a batch




      I'm working with Adobe Acrobat Pro 11 to create a batch, that does the following steps:

      1. takes a folder as input (chosen by the user) containing some PDFs
      2. the PDF runs through a OCR process
      3. looks for some pages from the PDF created in step 2, it extracts and save them into a folder defined by me inside this step and finally it closes the doc from step 2 without saving it (I need just the extracted pages); this step is done through a javascript

      I want to know if it is possible to insert a step into the batch, that permits the user to choose an output folder for the extracted pages. The output folder should be chosen only once (and so the user shouldn't choose this for every doc of the batch).




      EDIT: It's helpful to me even to know if the output folder's choice can't be done through batch, without any particular technical explanation, thanks