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    Use Case: View Popular products Technically: Want to "query" it?




      I want to build a component which shows the most popular content based on the number of clicks the page has had (impressions). I read Shishank's blog on this but this approach seems to involve (please correct me if i am wrong), parsing across all the pages, getting the page statistics and then sorting the same to build the list.


      If i have (as in my case), 70K+ product pages and i want to get top 5 (and keeping in mind concurrunt hits on the page in terms of performance/scalability considerations), this approach would be a little performance intensive.


      Here are the questions i have on other potential approaches:

      1. Is there a way i can use Queries to query for the popular products?

      2. Is there a way I can schedule load the impressions as properties of node and then use queries for the same?

      3. Any other approach to avoid impressions for popular content or any other approach which is as scalable as using queries?


      Please advice..


      Thanks in Advance.