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    Receive Action Script Error #2130


      My system is running Windows 8 and IE10. I have continuing problems installing and using Flash Player. I have read and reread the online procedures, checks, and solutions without much luck. Most recently after several failed attempts I was able to download the latest version of Flash Player for Windows 8 with Internet Explorer. My email account is with Outlook, which defaults to MSN.com when I sign out. When the MSN.com homepage appears I shortly receive an error message that says there is an Action Script Error #2130 and a list of affected files, including flash. I am unable to perform any other functions while this message is displayed. The message block gives me two options: Dismiss or Continue. The error message clears when I click either option, and the MSN.com homepage seems to operate normally. However, there are other issues with MSN.com which I have addressed to their support. Basically, if I click on a news headline in order to read the full article, the screen that appears is mis-formatted and unreadable. Ihave a screen capture of the error message noted above. I have tried the solutions suggested in Adobe Support, but they did not resolve the underlying issues. Please help, /hugh


        Capture 3.PNG


      I noticed a related RE: discussion on the side of my question. When I went there I followed staff instructions to another person with similar problems. When I checked my installed version, I saw that it was the latest version for my system, but also saw debug at the bottom of the page. I then proceeded to uninstall Flash Player as staff instructions said to do. After I received the message that uninstall was successful, I again checked my installled version. It was the same as before including that it was the debug version. I repeated this action several times with the same result. Don't understand what this new problem is or how to proceed from this point.

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          pwillener Level 8

          You don't need to install Flash Player on IE10/Windows 8; it is already preinstalled.


          I don't understand why you installed the debug version; naturally you get all the errors that exist on various Flash sites.  Uninstall it and reinstall the standard version.

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            hughmann40 Level 1

            Pat - I had a long reply ready to send which just got deleted, so here goes again. I did not intentionally load the Debug version of FP 11.7.700.169, which is the latest version for my system: Windows 8 and IE10. I have made several attempts to self-troubleshoot the problem.noted in my question: Receive ActionScipt Error #2130, when and only when I sign out of my Outlook email account and I am sent to MSN.com home, which is the default. Apparently, something has changed there because the default is now a different screen. I am not alone in my desire not to have MSN.com as the default. But that is not an Adobe problem.


            But in my attempts to determine if FP was the source of that problem, I have followed all steps of procedure given in several Adobe guidance sheets relative to finding the installed version of FP and the latest version of FP, how to install, uninstall, and reinstall FP, and how to identify and correct any problems which might occur in this process. I did not intentionally install the Debug version of FP 11.7.700.169, which is the latest version for my system: Windows 8 and IE10. When I began another version of FP and sometime later I found the currently installed version is the latest version, except that it is the Debug version. I have no idea when or why or how this happened. However, the various means given in the several guide sheets to determine if FP is working properly in the Modern and the Desktop mode indicate FP is working properly.


            That said, at this point I have discovered that I still have a problem with FP. One guide sheet told me to look at the bottom of the Find Version guide sheet to determine if the Debug version of FP is installed. This paragraph which is for Developers says: YES - the Debug version is installed. Another sheet said to unistall the Debug version by installing the FP uninstaller and follow the steps given. I did this and a message said the uninstall was successful. However, wehn I checked the installed version again, it showed the Debug version is still installed. I decided to see if I could just install the Standard version. This is where I encountered the problem with FP that has frustrated me for several days. When I try to install FP following the steps in the Adobe guide sheets, I get to the point I am told to download the latest version of FP. The screen that next appears is a blank box. There is a brief indication of activity on my PC, but nothing changes on the screen. From prior experiences on my other computer, I know that information and steps to install FP should appear in this box/screen. But on this, my primary computer, I just get a blank box no matter how I get to the point of installing FP.


            During the course of my attempts to self-troubleshoot this problem, I have done all the checks and steps to make sure Flash Point is enabled and all settings are correct several times. I every case these are as they should be. So now I am stuck at a point where if I go to MSN.com I receive ActionScript Error #2130, which freezes my system until I clear it - which may or not be a problem with FP - and a problem that I cannot unistall FP and reinstall another FP version.


            So where do I go from here? That is the most urgent question at this time point. 


            A side point from my work to date: I have encountered several different Adobe Guidance Sheets relative to installing and uninstalling the latest version of FP, including the ones suggested in your two replies. The basic steps are the same, although some give more or less information. It seems to me it is time for Adobe to review this confusing assortment of guide sheets and revise them into a single, concise, easy to follow sheet.

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              hughmann40 Level 1

              Pat - The Adobe Flash Player Support Center site that I went to during my self-troubleshooting which may have led to me installing the Debug version of FP 11.7 is: http://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/downloads.html

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                pwillener Level 8

                You can download the standard (non-debug) Flash Player version for IE10/Win8 from http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/flash-player-issues-windows-8.html#main-pars_header _0


                You must uninstall the debug version prior to installing the standard version.

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                  hughmann40 Level 1



                  I have written over and over that I have tried everything in the Adobe Guide Sheets including the one you just sent me to. That sheet does not tell me how to uninstall FlashPlayer [FP] from Windows 8. Another sheet provides instructions for uninstalling FP. I have installed the FP uninstaller a dozen times and followed every step carefully. After it has run I get a message that FP was successfully uninstalled. BUT!!!! - when I check to see if this true using the sheet with tells me how to find which version of FP is installed, I am told that the latest DEBUG version of FP for Windows 8 with Internet Explorer is installed. This says to me the unistaller is not working properly on my system. That is as simple as I can put this. It is not rocket science. I would love to unstall the debug version of FP 11.7.700.169 IF the uninstaller provided by ADOBE worked properly on my system, but it does not. I have explained this over and over again.


                  After someone tells me how to get a version of the FP uninstaller that works and actually uninstalls the installed version of FP, we will move on the next problem which is that the FP installer also does not work on my system. If this is not understood, please find someone who understands plain simple English and let them help me resolve my Flash Player problems. I do not have an eternity to waste time and effort on totally useless technical support.

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                    pwillener Level 8

                    It was my understanding that originally you uninstalled the standard Flash Player from IE10 before installing the debug version; did I misunderstand that?


                    Sorry, I do not have Windows 8, so I cannot test the scenario myself.  Hopefully someone from the Adobe team will jump in here.

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                      hughmann40 Level 1

                      Thanks Pat - Sorry if I have been terse. This is not a good time for me as my Old Man [not my Father] is in failing health and requires a lot of care. Didn't need the added burden of two known problems in my computer system which no one seems to know the answer to. At least part of the problem with my email/MSN.com went away. At present I do not get an ActionScript Error #2130 when I sign out of my Outlook email account, which defaults to MSN.com. The other problem with MSN.com is still present, but so far I have not received any support from their techies, just several boilerplate messages.


                      However, you are helping with my problem with Flash Player. I discovered it when trying to find the cause for the ActionScript error. I went to Adobe Support Center and began with the several guide sheets I found there. When I did the steps to find the installed] version, which by the way are contained on several different sheets, I found the version of FP installed was not the latest version. I am aware that as I have Windows 8 and IE10 changes should come down from Microsoft, so I was surprised. I tried Update Windows but there were no updates available other than an optional update to install Bing Desktop which I have installed several times, but it remains on the list as an optional update that has not been installed. As I have thought and said many times since I upgraded to Windows 8, it should have been more thoroughly debugged before they rushed it to the retail market. But that too is not an Adobe problem.


                      I tried all the procedures and checks on all of the Adobe FP guide sheets I found on their support center website several times before to my surprise when I redid the steps to find the currently installed version the lastest version of FP: FP 11.7.700.169 was shown as the installed version. This was over a week ago and after I found Guide Sheet: Adobe Flash Player Support Center/Downloads at: http://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/downloads.html. In addition to providing a path to download the latest version of FP, it provides a list of critical updates and downloads to correct known problems in Flash Player. I downloaded every update I found that seemed to apply to my system. 


                      I then checked to see if the Flash Player Action Script error message was now cleared. To my dismay it was not. Ever since I have been trying to correct that problem. It was not until after I posted this question here and you started to respond and discovered that although the latest version of FP is now installed - it is the DEBUG version, which you have told me I must uninstall and then install the standard version. That is where I learned that even though I am able to download the Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller and run it and get a message that the uninstall was successful, when I check using the Find Version procedure, I am told the latest version of FP is still installed and it is the DEBUG version.


                      I have tried reinstalling the latest version, but this procedure does not work either. When I click to download Flash Player all I get is a blank Adobe box on the screen. It asks me to select a region. I select the US, There is a DOWNLOAD tab at the top which I also select. Then nothing happens. This tell me something is not working properly with this procedure.


                      So I am stuck at a point where Adobe Find Version procedures tells me the latest DEBUG version of Flash Player for my system, FP11.7.700.169, is installed in my system and working properly,but I am told I must uninstall the DEBUG version and install the standard version of FP. However, the Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller does not work on my system and the Adobe Flash Player Installer does not work on my system.


                      On the other hand as far as I have been able to determine Flash player is working properly as I am able to view videos on various websites, including MSN.com. And after deleting several Flash Player files I searched and found, the FP ActionScript Error #2130 has apparently stopping showing up when I am defaulted to MSN.com when I sign out of OUTlook email. I am so confused, irritated, and frustrated. I agree someone from Adobe Support should take a look at what I am reporting and determine if I have an Adobe Flash Player problem, and if so, FIX IT!


                      Thanks again for taking the lead Pat, /hugh