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    Simple GREP string needed

    sperry1975 Level 1

      I have a simple task I need to accomplish and I could use a simple GREP command to do it except I have yet to figure out what that is. Here's what I have:

      a paragraph break a number (1, 2, or more digits) and a paragraph break again. I find this easily with the Find command: \r\d+\r

      I need to replace the paragraph breaks with a single spaces and place brakets in front of and behind the digits found without changing the digits found. If I use the $0 in the change string it leaves it all the same including the digit or if I use [$0] in the change field it puts teh brakets in but leaves the paragraph breaks. I'm sure there's something simple I'm missing here, but I have not yet figured out what it is. Can someone please help?