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    Authorization limits on a particular device?


      I am aware that a single Adobe ID can only be used to authorize up to 6 computers or devices and that erasing the authorization on these computers or devices does not increase the authorizations. A reset must be requested.


      However, is there a limit on the number of times that a particular device can be authorized?


      For example, can a single device be authorized, deauthorized and then reauthorized with different Adobe IDs an unlimited number of times? Or is there a limit on the number of times a particular device to be authorized?


      The context here would be a company having one device (say a Nook) but its employees having individual Adobe ID accounts authorized with their local copies of ADE. Each employee could then borrow the device, authorize it with their account and transfer and eBook. When they are done, they erase the eBook they transfered and then erase the authorization with their Adobe ID. Could this be done an unlimited number of times? Or would the nth employee find that they could not authorize the device with their Adobe ID?


      Many thanks