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    Is The GPU Working In After Effects?

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      I use the MSI GTX Geforce 660TI Power Edition, Mercury Playback Engine enabled in Premiere Pro CS6 and After Effects CS6.


      When I render in Premiere I notice the Geforce GPU is used quite often, but not at a constant rate. It alters from 0% to 20% to 50% to 0% quite rapidly but most of the time it remains somewhere between 0% and 10%. I don´t remember ever seeing it getting close to 100% (which by itself shouldn´t be an issue considering the rendering demand might not be high).


      In After Effects renders, though, I barely see it working. It stays in 0% almost all the time with really rare 2% peaks, while the CPU´s 8 cores are maxed out (85% to 100% in all cores, simultaneously).


      Does it seem right? Is there a way to know if the GPU is working properly?


      I monitor the usage through the gadgets provided in Windows 7 Home Premium.


      The rest of the system:

      i7 3770K

      ASUS P8Z77-V Deluxe

      GSkill DDR3 1600 - 8MB x 2