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    What should I be looking for in a Mac folder of "InDesign" files?


      I have taken on a new job.  My boss wants me to put my ID experience to use making small changes in our literature.


      The problem is, the source files have come from the former designers, and they're being singularly unhelpful about what software, etc. the files are in.  They ship them to us with no comment and then aren't available for emails, etc.


      What I need to know (because I haven't used Mac ID for about five years) is what should the files "look like"? I have ID CS6 (Creative Cloud version). I've unpacked the files they sent us; I see a font folder and a picture folder and a .__MACOSX directory and an "unnamed folder" holding what are ostensibly the files -- ._Filename and ._FilenameReport.  They won't open directly in ID -- it tells me they're the wrong format.


      I have high-res PDFs and I'm about ready to place them (they're 2 pagers, so this isn't really a big deal -- it's just annoying), place the photos I have and recreate the sales sheet by fair means or foul.  Before I do that, though, I'd rather just edit the original document.


      Thanks, any help appreciated.