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    flash loop


      i made a flash video to drop into a website. it has 7 pictures that fade into each other. at the end - it does not go back to picture 1 properly. it shows picture 1, then skips to picture 6, then back to 1 and then starts over again. how do i make it a smooth continous loop ? thank you.

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          kglad Legend

          by default you'll have a continual consistant loop of the main timeline.


          you must be doing something (with actionscript or multiple timelines) to fail and display pictures in the same order each time your main timeline loops.

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            ares818 Newcomer

            i have never worked in flash before - this is my first time - so i don't know a lot about it.


            i watched a video on how to do it. each picture is in it's own layer - and they overlap - with a 'tween' in the overlap section.


            how do i fix it ? thank you.

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              kglad Legend

              by default, your main timelin should play from frame 1 until its last frame and then return to frame 1 and continue until its last frame etc.

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                ares818 Newcomer

                i understand that.... and it does. what i am saying it that it skips. at the end of frame 6 - it shows frame 1 for a second - and then frame 6 for a second - then back to frame 1 before starting over again.


                do you know what i need to do to fix that ? thank you.

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                  kglad Legend

                  no, i don't.


                  and neither can anyone else unless you explain what's causing that behavior or someone downloads your fla and explains the problem.