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    Dazed and confused in Windows 8


      W8, IE 10 flash v. 11.7.700.169


      A facebook game showed I needed to download flash player. In preparation of doing this I uninstalled flash player in 'uninstall programs'.  I think this is one of those programs where.. it doesn't remove the previous installation before installing the more recent one.


      This site won't let me reinstall flash player, instead looping me to an article stating W8 has flash player in 2 places. I am able to bring up fp 32-bit properties after the uninstall. This is a 64-bit laptop. Is there a 64-bit version of flash player and since the fb games still work I'm assuming there is a flash version on it but I don't know where. That one page on this site shows the version above and the 'movie'. 


      Believe it or not I really don't.. want to compromise this laptop - it's my first, I can't afford this type of thing normally and I just got it w/in the last month.


      I'm not a techie by any means... I'm sooo confused.  Are you??   (Help)