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    Can I see my logo displayed exactly as it is in Microsoft Word when converted to Adobe PDF?

    charlesgeorgi Level 1

      Here are two screenshots of the same document.  One is displayed in Microsoft Word (on the left), and the other is displayed in Acrobat after it's been converted to a PDF.


      Word screenshot.png     Adobe screenshot.png


      In Word, the IE logo has a faded look because it's in the header.  I want to keep this.  Also, if you'll notice the logo on the right, the white background behind the logo looks distorted and messy.....with faint lines all around it.  It's very faint here in this post, but if you look hard, you can definitely see it.  The Word document doesn't display those messy lines, and it also looks much crisper all-around.  Is there a way to adjust some settings within Adobe which would allow it to convert this logo more accurately?  Any help would be appreciated.