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    Farsi Titles in Premiere Pro CS6

    Eric Editor

      I've seen a few posts that seem to be relevant but offer no conclusion about how to create Farsi subtitles in premiere pro CS6. I've seen many posts about persian font being reversed in adobe software, so that might be my next problem.


      Adobe phone support offers no suggestions.


      Any help would be appreciated.


      Thank you.

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          joe bloe premiere Level 5

          Check the suggestion from Alan Craven in post #9 of this thread:

          Arabic titles in PPro CS5 are left-to-right


          "If you alter kerning in the Adobe titler to -100%,

          then ABCD appears as DCBA, try that."

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            Eric Editor Level 1

            Thanks but no cigar, Joe Bloe. Shortly after post #9 is post #14 in which they conclude that it's not possible to work with arabic subtitles in premiere pro. Adobe tech support was also not able to point them in the right direction.


            Here's the conclusion of that thread :



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              joe bloe premiere Level 5

              You should call in to Adobe Phone Support in the appropriate region.




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                Alan Craven Level 4

                If you can find a non-proportional/monospaced Farsi font, then the method I suggested in the thread Joe referenced works just fine.  You will need to adjust the degree of negative kerning to suit your chosen font.

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                  Eric Editor Level 1

                  I didn't have the fortune of getting to the stage of characters reversing. I couldn't get adobe to recognise any Farsi. I do have Farsi fonts installed but they did not appear in premiere pro.


                  I converted to Pro Res and switched into FCP7, so far no problems at all. Lucinda Grande selected as font and copy and pasting Farsi with no problem.


                  For the record, I also worked in Jubler for a while but found that they alter the position of "." and ",".

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                    Alan Craven Level 4

                    Oh dear, that's a shame.  I have a feeling that there were complaints a couple of year's back about Premiere not accepting Farsi, and I do not recall any resolution.


                    My only other suggestion is to construct your Farsi text in suitable software, and save it as an image file.  You can then import this to the Premiere titler as a Logo.  If Photoshop would accept Farsi, that would be ideal.

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                      Hi guys,


                      actually there is a very easy solution for all versions of Premiere Pro. I use it every day for several years now.


                      1. Get "Parsnegar II" (http://www.isc.com.au/), it´s a small texteditor for persian & arabic text. I think I paid around 20,- € a few years ago, but there should also be a free version...

                      2. After installing Parsnegar restart your computer then go to premiere pro and check if u have the 2 fonts: "Persian Cheechest" and "Persian Web".

                      3. Go back to parsnegar and write the text u want to use in your Premiere title.

                      4. Then copy your text in parsnegar, go back to premiere, make a new title and paste the text in textfield.

                      5. Change the font to "persian cheechest" or "persian web".


                      This works in all versions of Premiere Pro. It works for still, crawl and roll titles.



                      Millad Azizzadeh

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        Welcome to the forum, and thank you for posting of that text editing program.


                        As we see similar requests in other Adobe Forums, I will bookmark this, and add your Reply to other, similar threads.





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                          Actually , I am using premiere pro Cs6 and I solved my problem with just finding proper font , I had many persian fonts on my windows folder and none of them were found on Premiere but I installed a font pack which were designed for this kind of softwares like graphic softwares and etc ... called : Farsi.Nevis.Roya_1 فارسی نویس رویا



                          and many of its font didn't worked but  I find some which worked very right like :

                          name of font : 2 aseman
                          and it had not any problem of reverse writing and seperate letters