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    Animate maps in premiere pro


      As training video I would like to get a car/dot driving a route in AE or Premeire. Whether it is Google maps or any other maps.

      Can I import Animaps into adobe program's.



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          joe bloe premiere Level 5

          Can I import Animaps into adobe program's.

          What are 'Animaps'?


          If you want to get a particular map still image and

          animate a 'dot' to trace a path, that is easily doable in Ae.

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            Steven L. Gotz Level 5



            Oh, Joe, please don't make me ask "Can I Google that for you?"


            The answer is yes. Sort of. You can easily capture the playing map with Camstudio Recorder, a free program. I will try it out and get back to you with some easy to follow instructions.

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              joe bloe premiere Level 5


              Thanks for that, Steven.



              I often find it is useful to know what the OP specifically means

              with the use of a particular terminology... especially when it

              refers to something outside of the Adobe realm.


              Click this 'animated map':


              I'm dizzy!


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                Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                Well, I understand your concern for the OP, but Animaps is a copyrighted Google term, so if the OP meant something else, they should have said so.


                In any case, the "sort of" comes from the fact that even full screen in Chrome, I can't capture a 1920X1080 map. Now, I could set the size of the browser window to something closer to 1280X720 and my 1920X1080 monitor would allow me to capture it that way, but even so the map is not 16:9, only the entire frame is, so if you only want the map and not the timeline controls, etc, then you have to cut off the edges to make it a 16:9 frame. Or use 2,35:1 where it would look pretty nice.


                Then you have to remember that you are going to be playing this on a DVD or on YouTube and you should make sure that the map is zoomed in enough to be able to read what it says.


                Here is a map I found online and captured with Camstudio Recorder. I will give you the specifics later in this post.



                For my tutorials I use 24 frames per second but since this example had video built in, I chose to use 30 frames per second. You have to do the math yourself for Camstudio-Recorder. Divide 1000 milliseconds (one second) by the number of frames and get the number of milliseconds between frame captures. So 1000/30 = 33 milliseconds after rounding and for 24 frames per second you would use 1000/24 = 42 milliseconds.


                I think that this came out pretty darn good for what it is.



                Edit: Remember to watch the video full screen at 1080p.


                Edit: You have to admit that this is so much easier than using After Effects that it should revolutionize the "map in movie" concept. Even the picture in picture video came out pretty decent.

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                  joe bloe premiere Level 5

                  Amazing work, Steven!


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                    Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                    Thanks. Keep in mind that was not my map. I just borrowed it. It take a little while to do a nice map, and I probably will so I can produce a nice little tutorial.


                    I am sure glad that drive space is not the problem it was. The Lagarith AVI that I captured is 53 seconds long and 1.18GB. I just threw it in the "Temp" directory I created on one of my RAID0 drives.  Can you imagine the screams that would have created in this community only a few years ago.  Now I just try to remember to clean off that drive now and then to keep it fast.