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    Mocha error, what am i missing?

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      Hi guys,

      Thanks for looking in. I am trying to track a peice of footage using Mocha. I keep getting an error. The scene is a building pics below. I am trying to track that area with the mask. My footage starts on the area of mask (where the fire is going) Bystander watching. camera pans off that as somone comes around building to the Left. (you don't see that here) However it seems that once the track gets to the end of the mask, 'she spits the bit'.




      When it gets to the end of my Out point see pic 3 or 4

      That is where the camera pans completely off that area and it is as though Mocha cannot calibrate or find itself. I marked an in and out. via * in AE and in Mocha's TL using In and Out.  Yet keeps kicking it.. I am trying to line it up on a plane real well. I have watched a few lessons on this too. The latest from Dr Mathias over on Mamoworld. A real good webinar however I am not getting to a point to copy and Null. See Pic 3 for Error and note how my mask is pitching abit on a shear... Thanks for any suggy's.






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          Al'right Boys.... I got it! The mask is VERY, sensative. I lowered it to the bottom plane and it stuck this time. I used the lower line and created a smaller Mask. In lou of the error telling me to use a bigger area....?

          That is why you guys could not answer right away as usual. It was right my mask was not tight on a plane. Thanks just the same.

          got it.PNG