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    load link image into movieclip problem

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      the problem resolved, turns out fail on test movie but it works on the real swf.


      second problem "load link image into movieclip problem"


      I have these code, what it does is ask user input text to the 'input text' field, it must be a link to an image from somewhere, and then it will load that link(image) into a movieclip on stage.


      button1.onPress = function() {      <<button1

          var linktext = inputText.text;    <<inputText is the input text field

          trace (linktext);




      function loadImage(imageName) {

          avatarContainer.avatarHeadOuter.avatarHead.loadMovie(imageName);  << avatarContainer is a mc on stage

          overlayContainer.overlayHeadOuter.overlayHead.loadMovie(imageName);  <<overlayContainer is another mc on stage

          overlayContainer.overlayHeadOuter._alpha = 15;

          stats.text = imageName;  }


      when i run on test Movie (ctrl-enter),  loadMovie does work.


      when I run on actual html after publish,  loadMovie does NOTHING. it say something like Flash Player stopped a insecure operation.


      My wild guess is problem html file?? is there anything I can do to bypass that secure bs