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    How to speed up render to h.264 in CS6? Adobe QT32 Server.exe causes long delay

    Dave@Vehicle Level 1

      (Before you say "Don't use AE to render to h.264; use AME!" – I'd love to, but AME isn't controllable from the command line / batch files the way aerender.exe is)


      When I try to render a brain dead simple composition (30 seconds, black background with the word "DUMMY" centered), aerender takes nearly four minutes to complete. This is a Windows Server 2012 box with 32 CPUs (16 cores+16 HT), about ~60GB of memory and I believe it's on 10Gb ethernet. Turning multi-processing off doesn't have effect on the pause.


      If I view the task in task viewer, NO CPU is being used and Adobe QT32 Server.exe is running. Analyzing the wait chain for aerender.exe says that a thread is waiting for network i/o to complete (I assume this is Adobe QT32 Server.exe, which uses TCP to talk to Quicktime). After about three minutes, the render continues (and goes blazingly quick, as expected).




      How can I get around this long, useless pause? Is there an alternative h.264 output module that doesn't use Quicktime?


      Thanks in advance!