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    What file type and codec should I use for creating a file to send to have an HDCAM copy made


      I'm prepping to take a video file of my film into a tape dubbing house to have an HDCAM copy of my project made. I'm using a PC, so Apple ProRes is not an option. What file type, codec, and settings do you recommend?


      I was considering MXF, but the highest quality codec is XDCAM 50, which only does up to 50Mbps (I think). I believe HDCAM works at 140Mbps, so I would rather not give them a file that's compressed to almost 1/3rd that, especially since the source is a 5K 5120x2560 project. DPX maybe? I've never exported DPX before because it's not an option on my copy of CS6 - maybe that has to be downloaded separately? I was considering a Quicktim in H.264 at 140Mbps, but I think that would mean some serious rendering for the tape house. I would like to be able to offer them a few different options and see what they prefer, but this is an area where my knowledge runs thin. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I'm hoping there's an industry standard that I can stick to.