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    Particle not seen.

    HandsomeDragon Level 1

      Hi, I've been improving my skills with after effects and having a lot of fun. As creators we learn things everyday.

      I've come across a problem, where when I duplicate the particle (the layer with CC particle world) and move it in

      3D space using the producer settings, the particle isn't seen anymore.

      For example, I'll duplicate the particle, lower it down with the Y position, and after a certain point, I don't see it anymore,

      only when its near the previous particle that I duplicated from. Could the problem be that I have too many particle layers?

      I have 4, one being the main, the rest being energy streaks.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Provide screenshots of the comp and settings. Each layer is treated as its separate instance and that the particles don't interact other than the stacking order of the layers, so whether one effect is "near" the otehr bears no influence. It's more likely you need to adjust settings like render clipping, particle lifespan or even the floor collision, if you use it, to prevent particles from disappearing or being exterminated prematurely.



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            HandsomeDragon Level 1

            I see, thank you. It's working now though. I honestly don't know what the problem was but I kept duplicating the same particle, and for some reason that energy streak would only disappear if I moved it. SO when I duplicated it, the others would too basically. Weird. So I duplicated the first energy streak and placed then where I wanted them and it works. I looked at the settings, nothing seemed to be wrong. Could have been a bug *shrugs*. Thank you for your help sir.