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    Web Services Question


      I posted originally in the data services forum, with no luck so I thought I would try here.

      I am with a test and measurement company. I am interested in using Flex as a GUI for new products.

      My question is: If I want to create a web service that is used to control, and get readings from an embedded web server on a local LAN, what is the best (fastest) protocol to use? SOAP? Java? FDS?

      My concern is that updating live meters on the client would be too slow. From the user perspective a live meter reading should bobble digits 2-3 times per second to simulate an average DMM readout. Once per second would be too slow and 2-3 seconds would be unusable.

      Also, Is the action script timer class available in Flex?

      I have Flex Builder 2 and am working on a proof of concept that I can take to my manager.