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    DW CS5.5 Loses path to site source every day

    ExactImage Level 3

      I'm getting a little frustrated by having to reset the site path every day as I start work, or each time I go to another site for the first time that day within Dreamweaver.


      Workstations are OSX 10.8.3 (Mountain Lion).

      The network server is OSX 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard Server).


      The source is located on the network server which we are all group members of.  The shared folder is an auto mount and we are not seeing any problems with any other software, only Dreamweaver. 


      Even if we click in to the shared folder and pick random files to make sure we're logged on etc prior to running Dreamweaver is always says the path to the source is not found and we need to reset it in the site management dialog when starting Dreamweaver for the first time in the morning OR when changing to a site we haven't worked on yet that day.


      While it only takes a few seconds each time to fix, it's really iritating!


      What could we be doing wrong?   What can we do to fix this and stop it hapening on a every workstation every day?