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    The limits of cropping.




      Hi everyone, I need your help with cropping and merging/pasting images from two different pictures.



      I would like to crop heads of people in certain photos, and paste or align them with bodies in different images.


      I've tried isolating the head or face using the Quick Selection Tool, and then Image/Crop, but I cannot get a clean edge; it's surrounded by an angular border, no matter what I do.


      Is this impossible to do with curvy shaped image elements?  Any suggestions?


      P.S.  I'm working with PSE 9.

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          hatstead Adobe Community Professional

          It should certainly be possible, but may require steps which you have not identified in your work flow.

          Please post representative pictures, indicating what you wish to have transposed to where.

          Will be glad to give it a shot and advise.


          You can post the pictures here via the camera icon in the reply box, or,  at www.pixentral.com (free).

          If you use pixentral, please post the URL so that we may open it.